Our Mission

At Schoeman, Borman Attorneys Inc. “Problem Solving” is our mission, and not “legal advice without purpose”.


  • Our mission is two-fold namely:
    1. To advise our clients on the law, and not what they wish to hear;
    2. To offer our services with the aim at problem-solving at affordable rates.

    Our partners and staff pride themselves in the level of knowledge and expertise they possess in their chosen law discipline.  Advice provided to clients is done so with a comprehensive understanding of the applicable laws and governance structures.

    Our attorneys services range from commercial or corporate law which also encompasses banking, insurance and labour to family law which includes matters involving children, maintenance, and matrimonial law.  Our understanding of the National Credit Act and the Consumer Protection Act allows us to offer solid advice related to this relatively new legislation.

Our firm’s structure:

The firm consists of two directors, namely D J (Daniel) Schoeman and Y (Yolandie) Borman, assisted by assistant attorneys and support staff. The firm believes that being bigger is not always better, and aims to remain a small- to medium firm of attorneys in order to be able to render personal services on a cost-effective basis.

D J (Daniël) Schoeman

Daniël graduated from the University of Pretoria in 1980 with an LLB degree. He thereafter obtained the Advanced Certificate in Labour Law, also from the University of Pretoria. He serves as a Commissioner in the Small Claims Court in Pretoria.

Daniël has, inter alia, served as a legal advisor for a major insurance company and a commercial bank in South Africa and has gained valuable commercial experience in the insurance and banking industry and with regard to general commercial legal matters. 



Daniël Schoeman

Daniël Schoeman

He established the firm originally under the name and style of Daan Schoeman Attorney during 1997. The firm has ever since developed to its present stature.

Daniël specializes in labour law, commercial law, banking law and general litigation.

The Labour Law Department managed by Daniël offers general labour law services, appearances in the CCMA, Bargaining Councils and the Labour Court and chairing of disciplinary hearings.

Daniel has right of appearance in the High Court of South Africa.



Y  (Yolandie) Borman

Yolandie graduated from the University of Pretoria with BCom (Law) and LLB degrees during 2003 and 2005.

Yolandie was admitted as an attorney during 2006.


Yolandie Borman

Yolandie Borman

Yolandie specializes in family law (involving matrimonial-, divorce-, childrens- and maintenance law), trust law and general litigation.
Yolandie, furthermore, heads the Medical Negligence and Sports law Department.

Yolandie has right of appearance in the High Court of South Africa.



  • Visitors to our website should distinguish between the role of an attorney opposite to the role of the advocate. The present distinction between an attorney and an advocate, is that the attorney is the person who “lives” with his/her client from the date of introduction to the date when the case of the client (whatever the nature) is concluded. The attorney is the one who first hears the client’s case and advises the client on the prospects of success. The advocate is the person who, if required, presents the client’s case to Court upon the trial date.

    Any litigious case (meaning a case that has to go to Court) has to be pre-prepared by way of documents (also referred to as “pleadings”), before the matter can be heard in Court. Our attorneys pride themselves in not contracting out the preparation of documents to others, as a general rule.

    Our attorneys are aware that legal costs can be substantial and always attempt to manage the client’s costs by doing all work in-house and effectively. Advocate-expenses should not form part of the general expense of this firm’s clients, but only under circumstances where the merits of the case so require.

    Our directors have the right of appearance in the High Court and our clients can rest assured that they receive value for money as far as legal costs are concerned, and that legal expenses will be limited as far as reasonably possible.

    Every person seeking to appoint an attorney should therefore take effectiveness and costs into consideration, when making a selection on appointing an attorney.

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